Monthly Musings from Moors Meadow October 2013

The weather has been great for getting loads of work done but the problem is my joints are screaming at me to slow down. So 8.30am start strimming for two hours and the following two hours are spent raking up and removing all the grass. I am trying to get all the long meadow areas cleared before colder weather and rain makes it a harder job. The areas are then planted with various seeds, bulbs and perennials to come up in the grass in following years.

The afternoon is mostly taken up with digging potatoes, I used to be able to dig them all in a couple of days but now I just do one variety each day, I think we planted nine varieties. The actual digging isn’t too bad, it the continual bending down to take them out of the soil which gets the back and knees. There was something to be said for the very bad crop last year and that is that they were easier to dig, this year after just two varieties I think we have as many as we had in total last year and they are very good firm large potatoes.

Next job of the day either pick fruit or prepare the pots for winter. Today it was blackberries for jelly preserve from our cultivated thorn-less bramble however the blackberries, like the mulberries have been rotting on the trees even before they ripen due to the warm moist air. I must also pick some damsons for wine and a lovely damson and ginger pickle, after that it is the Bramley apples for apple jelly and storing in a cool dry place, they usually end up stuffed with fruit, nuts and ginger then baked. The plants in pots either need taking into the greenhouse if they are tender, first we will need to remove the tomato plants so the tomatoes will need picking, even if they are still green and bringing in the house to ripen. The house in autumn and winter is one large larder with sacks of spuds and boxes of apples, squash and tomatoes, masses of jars containing jams, jelly or pickles, and demi-johns of wine bubbling away.

012 - Copy 2Then there is the vegetable beds which have had the crops removed being weeded and a layer of good well rotted home produced compost covering the beds. All the herbaceous beds to cut back and weed. Plus numerous jobs which I have forgotten at the moment.
Think the above should keep me busy until tea time, “bung the kettle on mum”!

032 - CopyI can’t decide on a plant of the month as so many things are looking good with their leaves of autumn tints and branches laden with fruits so I will just add a couple of pics for your perusal.
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