Bromyard & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Bromyard & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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Chair - Geoff McGladdery    Vice Chair - Ray Whittaker

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In 2011, in addition to its constitutional obligations,  Bromyard and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry will focus on 3 main issues
1. Ensuring that, through widening is paid-up membership, it truly represents the interests of the region’s businesses.
2. Working with it’s members and other active community groups, the Chamber will seek to understand the needs of local businesses and by reacting to those needs, do everything in its power to facilitate the profitability of those businesses.
3. Supporting its retail and service providing businesses, by promoting all reasonable activities which may lead to increased visitor numbers.


Membership last year more than doubled and in addition to its best known project, the Bromyard Christmas Lights the Chamber has been very active in supporting its members interests in such areas as planning applications, improving parking and traffic flows in the town and lobbying for better broadband speeds.

The Chamber  is simplifying the procedures for erecting banners in the town’s streets. The Chamber has a number of potential sites in the town which are able to carry advertising banners. The bolt anchors and wires for these sites have been upgraded by the Lighting Crew to the very latest standards.

The Chamber will accept bookings on a first come, first served basis from any Group or Organisation wishing to use the facilities and will erect and take down their banners for a small fee. The system is not yet fully functional, but until it is, anyone wishing to book space for a banner can contact Chamber Chairman – Geoff McGladdery by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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