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School to become 'landing site' for Air Ambulance

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Queen Elizabeth High School in Bromyard have been working with the charity to support what they said is an ‘important community development’.

Since September 2014 the Midlands Air Ambulance has been able to carry out operations at night, but is limited with the amount of lit helipads in the region.

Headteacher Martin Farmer says the school will now help the charity to find people to help with the landing procedures.

He said: “The Midlands Air Ambulance charity will shortly begin final preparations and the installation of the beacon charging station which will appear on our grounds over the next few months.

“We will be working with the charity to formulate an on the ground voluntary crew who will activate the beacons and marshal the landing site as and when required.

“We are sure you will agree this is a project of major importance in the area and look forward to keeping you updated along with details about how to volunteer in the future over the coming months.”

The relevant surveys for the development have been finalised, the aircraft operator approval has been granted which allows the charity’s helicopters use the site and and the school’s governors are behind the scheme.


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